When the mind plays tricks on you
And brings you chaos and confusion,
Dividing your attention and leaving you searching,
Desperately longing for an opportunity to get away from it all

Allow yourself to, just then, stand still instead
Calm yourself down and focus on what is truly wholesome
For peace shall not be found in endless struggle
Nor in the panic of your mind

All it needs from you, is your surrender
So relax and stand still for now
Allow all thoughts to vanish as they pass by
And welcome hidden emotions as they replace them
Observe as feelings move through you,
Whilst truly acknowledging their presence

Breath with them as they mirror your inner storm
And become aware of their comforting nature
For they do not contribute to your despair
Quite as you may have feared

Breath in deeply, deep into your belly
In with peace, out with chaos
Allowing yourself to be completely centered,
Unaffected and unharmed by the mind’s turmoil
Choose to relax now and peace will come

Allow the Ease into your Heart

© 06 maart 2017