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Welcome Spring

door | 20 mrt, 2017 | Bewustwording

Welcome Spring

Sit and rest,
And calm your troubled mind
Sunk before in winter darkness, now notice the gentle light
For just like little seedlings, you now can lift your weary head
And watch how the light fills your homely stead
As it illuminates with cheery bright
All becomes a true delight

Enjoy how the Spring sun warms your skin
And touches your loving heart within
Tenderly soothing all your senses
Breaking down unnecessary inner defenses
Making everything again alright
Just by greeting the sun, at first sight

Spring is inviting you to rejoice now
And inspiring you to simply Allow
For new days are coming, long awaited for
Happy times to enjoy like never before

All your dreams will be fulfilled
So be proud of what you’ve built
Now that true Love has found your heart
You are so ready for a new start

Even though it’s hard for the future to foretell
Remember that you have done So well
Letting go of all that was hard,
Leaving you wounded and in disregard
Always giving and receiving little
So Confident and yet so brittle

Learning how to Yourself be true
And thus all struggle and pain outgrew
Reawakening now to your authentic Essence of love
For you too, have come from up Above
First and foremost, let your heart for You shine
And all you desire… will now be Thine

© 20 maart 2017

Over Tamara Muller

Ik breng graag meer bewustzijn binnen het geboorteproces, zodat ook jij je kinderwens kunt vervullen en volledig de vrouw kunt zijn die je wilt zijn.

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